Jedis are basically nurses with light sabres

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Ok, so if you have never seen Star Wars (firstly shame on you), then you may get a little lost. I can assure you though that as ‘protectors of the galaxy’ Jedis are basically nurses with light sabres.

From being a small child I have connected deeply with Star Wars, so much so that I genuinely think I have an issue. In terms of fan level I’m your PHD geek. Contemplating this as an adult and student nurse/ padawan, I can see that the story line is based on a need for every day heroes. Heroes who stand up for what they believe in to bring balance and harmony to the galaxy/ community. Heroes that defend regardless of consequences. Heroes that fight for the good of people they may never have met. A battle fought against those that wish to dismantle all that is good for their own gain; by manipulation, overpowering, and dictatorship. Sound familiar?

So, ‘The Force’. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, The Force (in Star Wars terms) is an energy that flows through everything and everyone. It binds us together, our very being and energy if you like. Jedi /nurses are able to connect to it and understand wider concepts of the galaxy/ society through emotional intelligence; in nursing terms our ‘holistic eyes’.

Sith are the bad guys who bare striking similarities to our own un-named opposing organisations. They have the ability to understand these concepts but are driven by different goals, goals that serve themselves. Many Sith started out as Jedi, but with progression of their power they lost sight of what was good, what was important. They used their skills and wisdom for manipulation instead of collaboration. United in their detachment from the underlying basics of what was right, the bad guys became ‘The EMPIRE’ and the Empire entered into direct conflict with the Jedi.

For anyone with an iota of Star wars knowledge, please forgive the simplicity of my overview.

To everyone else, you need know only this. Jedi did not apply to UCAS for a course in their chosen profession. They found their calling and often resisted it in the early days. Personally I can relate to this wholly. I found being a nurse by chance. Life literally brought me here.

True Jedi are more than the skills that they learn. The best of them have an unmatched underpinning wisdom that is not taught, but achieved through their own desire to prevail against the odds. I can directly liken this to the holistic assessment, collaboration, and care required for our patients. The balance of the Force itself, relies on reciprocity. It MUST feed us inwardly in order to support our empowerment and healing of others. Like the Jedi, nurses must seek to self-care as much as we give to others.

There has been a disturbance in the force and dark times in our NHS, but light WILL shine through. Good will prevail. Because the true nurses/ Jedi among us will not give up. We will rise up against the Empire. Our galaxy/ NHS is depending on us. We are needed more than ever to advocate. So stand tall Jedi/ nurses. With your light sabres/ dressing packs at the ready. Because I am yet to see a film where the bad guys win. I for one can’t wait to receive my pin number/ light sabre and join the Rebel Alliance.

And on a final non Star Wars related note: the weed is the fastest growing plant in the flower bed. It can overcome the beauty and sustenance growing there and once sown is almost impossible to eradicate. So plant healthy beautiful seeds, for your colleagues, for your patients, and for those that oppose your positive abilities to be exceptional.

May the force be with you…always

P.S Star Wars fans: to date I have resisted requesting FBC’s, U & E’s and a full Midi- Chlorian count, but if you have the guts… I actually dare you!

Naomi Fleming

Student Nurse

Birmingham City University

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