Another one of the many hat’s I wear, is as an active member of the NHS Alliance. We are a movement of people dedicated to focusing on health creation. It’s not a complex theory, as health professionals it encourages us to consider peoples health instead of illnesses and think of innovative solutions to improve quality of life.

The simplicity is that if when our homes are healthy, if we feel valued, empowered and worthy; our quality of life will improve. Ultimately this doesn’t always mean prescriptions in the usually sense, social prescribing plays a key role. There is much to say, I would strongly recommend that if you are the type of person who is brave and seeks to light small fires, stepping away from con-formative health care then please seek out the Alliance, we need you.

Today I want to explore the concept of happiness and how it makes us healthy. I write a lot about my past tense experience, today I am going to tell you about my current life and how I am keeping myself healthy, and about the amazing positive influences I have in my life.

To start with, I should be writing my assignment(s). Due to current life upheaval though I am finding myself distracted. So I’ve chosen to do what makes me happy today, writing. To write I must connect and explore my emotions, it is the best therapy for me that there is. By considering how I feel and articulating it, I know within my heart that I have the strength to carry on.

You see, as well as my heavy workload, my husband I have have recently decided to separate. We were childhood sweethearts and to this day we adore each other. We are best friends and will always remain on some level, soul mates. We have beautiful children. We have had an amazing life together. But recently, we have decided that our relationship is built upon friendship and we are brave enough to admit that we both need more.

Do you know what? I’m really proud of how we are choosing to separate, it would be easy to scream, shout and blame. It is only human to pass responsibility and want to be absolved from blame. But the truth is, no one has done anything wrong. We have chosen, BECAUSE IT IS HEALTHY, to not speak badly of each other. We have chosen to be kind and self aware when we need space from each other. We have made choices to show unity to our children. I have made a promise to look out for him and him me, because again “it’s healthy”. We don’t have many choices in life but we do have control over how we react and respond to what life throws at us.

And because we have made healthy emotional choices, our home environment continues to be conducive of love and our children are looking at this as an exciting new chapter. We have ‘Created Health’. I’m sharing this because its honest and authentic to do so and because as people we do not need health care professionals to create health for us. As a future nurse however I see it as part of my role to lead by example and encourage healthy thought processes.

My day yesterday was not fantastic. Writers blocks with my assignment on Policy, Politics and Nursing. I am a very political person, I care about the world but at the moment I am finding it hard not to be absorbed by the negativity surrounding it. I am writing about ‘Death by indifference’, it makes my heart hurt.

Later with my mood low I noticed my eldest daughter was looking low too.

“Fancy coming with me on a date?” I enquired

” I’m going to meet some friends that make my heart smile!”

My soon to be teenager rolled her eyes and tentatively agreed.

As we travelled we discussed Lottie’s school, she animatedly told me a story about a historical racial murder. It was horrific and we both cried as she regaled it. But there was a silver lining, within my daughter passion I saw that I had raised her with my shared values. Racism and injustice disgusting us both to the very pit of out stomachs. I felt a little better knowing she will be a positive influence on the world.

So we went off to see my wonderful friends. Melanie and Rishard came into my life by chance this year. I fell in love with them both as soon as I met them. They have this infectious positivity and tenacity that is truly addictive to be around. Rishard is a young man who was born with Down syndrome, I tell you this although it is completely irrelevant, because he is one of the most able people I have ever met. Rishard acts and to cut a long story short he was preforming last night.

Lottie and myself slipped silently and miserably through the door of The Absolute Theatre in Coventry. What an amazing little place, the only ‘shop front theatre’ in the country. It is the heart of community projects for performers (Dancers, breakers, actors and makers of music). The environment was infectious. We felt a little better, health creation?

Rishard ‘my BFF’ bounds over and throws his arms around me. A warm and happy feeling reminds me why I came tonight looking to connect as a human being to someone I care about. As I looked at Lottie who had never met this wonderful young man before, I saw she too was smiling. Instant happiness, health creation? Our mood lifted , we started to laugh. So many wonderful people that I admired there. Including another young girl named Heidi who lives independently with Down Syndrome (also irrelevant) . This girl is like sunshine personified! I couldn’t stop smiling in her presence as she chattered and laughed and floated confidently around the room.

The show began. First of all a powerful piece by a very talented “Breaker and contemporary dancer”. I love moments in life that take your breathe away and for the short time this guy performed I was in complete awe of him.

Rishard and Richard were up next. They became friend many years ago when Rishard was at acting school in London. Richard was tasked with the job of being Rishard’s screen writer. They have the most beautiful friendship that is a joy to watch, you realise very quickly that anyone who knows Rishard wants to be his ‘BFF’ . Richard and I discussed that neither of us consider ourselves cool enough for the title, yet I think really that Richard has already won it.

To say that I laughed out loud would not give their performance justice, they were truly hilarious and captivating. As I looked over at Mel (Rishard’s mother) I was just so moved to see the pride that we all have in him.

The third act was described as ‘Sound Creation’ two very talented gentlemen were improvising with technological music created on computers. As the lights dimmed in the theatre  a very cool light display accompanied the very cool music. We were encouraged to dance if we wished. This made me nervous. This did not make Rishard nervous. Inspired by the dancer who did the first performance my confident and happy friend took centre stage and danced. Seriously this kid is very intimidating, he is so bloody talented it makes you sick. Squealing with delight Heidi joined in. These two amazing young people had an environment where they felt safe enough to let go, HEALTH CREATION! Health creation at its absolute best! I smiled so much my face was hurting and when I looked around at my beautiful daughter her eyes were sparkling.

I know I sound repetitive here but Health Creation is about finding circumstances that make you healthy, happy and improve the quality of our lives. Last night our community created health and happiness. The Absolute Theatre provided the safe place and room for creativity, the people just chose to shed their busy lives for a few hours and connect with each other.

As I said good bye to Riashard I was full of smiles, as I said good bye to Mel I shed a few little tears of joy when I told her that meeting them both had been one of the highlights of my year.

So a recipe for Creating Health:

Take a safe place

Add good people

Choose to see the beauty in the world

Smile (very important)


As we left Lottie told me ” I feel so happy! I cant stop smiling, I’m so glad I came, thank you for bringing me”

Ir was such a lovely end to my day. I explained to her that I am great believer that life always send you exactly what and who you need, you just have to look for the good in the world. I believe implicitly that this is why despite the many pressures that life is throwing at me, I will remain healthy and embrace everything it has to offer.

Love and light everyone, find something beautiful in your day today .



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