Episode 2: Rise of the Jedi Nurses

IMG_20170504_203718_755On May the 4th Last year I was urged by a few colleagues to expand on my idea the Jedi’s are basically Nurses with light sabres  and so my very first blog was born. The idea focusing on the similarities between the spiritual holism and connection to their people, that both Jedi and nurses display, despite the overshadowing force of the  The Empire/  government.

Since I wrote, new Star Wars films have been born. I consider my self a hard core ‘True Fan’. One day, whilst trying to explain AGAIN the plot to my daughter whilst walking around The Disney Store, I was overheard by a sales assistant.

“Ah, a true fan, how do you feel about Disney buying the rights to the film?” he enquired

“Ah” *paused and considered. “how I feel, is that if Disney ruin my film, I may be forced to burn down Disney Land…harsh my friend but necessary” (NMC, I would not actually burn down Disney per say, this was merely a statement for impact).

I am THAT level of fan. And yet, when I watched the new films I had an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia that made me remember being eight years old, pretending to be a Bounty hunters mol in my back garden. I liked the new films, whilst highly criticised  by many I thought they were authentic to my old friends from the original movies.

So onto the Nursing bit…..

The plot of Star Wars has always been majorly about politics and friends we live in political times. As nurses, politics has governed our practice, bound our hands to the care we wish to give and oppressed our autonomy for too long.

The new films start 30 years after the fall of The Empire and Vada , coincidentally the same amount of time since the Tyranny of our very own Thatcher. Taxes were high, the socially divide was at its peak. But we have worked hard to bridge the divides in healthcare we have battled as health policy after health policy has been rewritten, we have worked to meet endless targets and cutbacks, we have risen to meet these challenges.

Forward 30 years and Star Wars introduces a new enemy, The New Order have risen from the ashes of the Empire and these guys are the ones to watch. Teresa May and her conservative government wield out health care system above us as a threat for daring to consider to nurse outside of the lines, Mr Hunt her puppet and a pantomime distraction from where she spends our countries money. OUR NHS…yes OUR NHS is being used as a political pawn for voters, many of whom are blind to the fact that that whilst our health care systems binds its staff from REAL autonomy, the health of our nation is at risk.

Corbyn and his socialist views that do not serve the Elite is mocked for his ideas, much as ‘Old Crazy Ben Kanobi’ was….are seriously what an uncanny resemblance? It makes me smile that my hero looks very Jediesque.

So a call to the Jedi Nurses amongst us……

Who does our health care system belong to? US!

Who decides how we practice? US!

For years as every government changes bureaucratic systems have thrown money at re writing health policy, policy that its self cost millions to write and implement, that has never been allowed to work or run its cause. Each failed attempt held like a flag of victory above the valour’s head, used to chastise previous attempts.

Yes, we are managed by health care policy and guidelines. But My nursing heart belongs to the NMC (the force). And whilst I don’t intend on going completely renegade just yet, I will be using my code of conduct as literally as I feel I need to. My code is my tool (light saber) I have been tasked to nurse holistically, I have been tasked to keep my patients safe and I have been commanded to use my voice to speak up. So that is what I am going to do.

So join me… This giant machine that we work for belongs to us in spirit, if we work across our silos, if we respect and hold our colleagues up, if we take back our power…just think what we can do.

So I call you again Jedi Nurses, its time to rise. For the only thing that matters… OUR patient’s and OUR NHS!



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