Dear Ikea – an open letter regarding the worst customer service that I’ve ever received

Dear Ikea,

I am absolutely furious to have to take such drastic measures as to write you an open letter but unfortunately your customer service team is as poor as the quality of your over priced furniture.

First let me set the scene. Over the last year I have spent in round numbers £3000 with you furnishing my home. I could kick myself for doing it as I’ve always lived by the moto ‘buy cheap buy twice’ but you offered the most quantity for money. You see unfortunately last year I became a single mum and as a student nurse I had little to no income. So everything I brought from you mattered. I was building a home for me and my children.

When my divorce came through I decided with the precious resource that I had to purchase a sofa from you. It was delivered on September 5th of last year (order number 881058924). The entire cost was a little over £1400. It arrived flat packed and I assembled it alone (big thing for a newly single lady who cant change a light bulb) and stood triumphant and very much in love with my beautiful new sofa.

Now I’m not expecting the world, wear and tare happens. Every week I replumped the back rest cushions and they regained their shape. After a month however this became every other day and by November this became daily. NOW, every time someone sits on it for an hour it looks like a homeless person has camped on it for a week. I’ve attached photos for you.

So after Christmas I was out and the sales were on, what I noticed about the others sofas was the guarantee’s, 3 years, 5 years…some of them guaranteed


for 10 years!  Imagine that? Someone telling you that their sofa is that good that if it falls apart within that time they will replace or repair it? Novel isn’t it. So whilst being seduced by these new sofa I noticed, these cushions are firmer and plumpier and all round better. I then returned home a little miffed and sat on your sofa, which I will now be referring to as ‘Camp Tramp’, which promptly lost its shape with an hour.

I reminded myself ‘buy cheap buy twice Naomi’ and then a little voice in me said ‘NO! I do not have to accept this! I will call the lovely people at Ikea and tell them that I’m not happy!’ So I did call you and a lovely young lady arranged for an engineer to come and inspect ‘Camp Tramp’. My partner took time off work (don’t judge me after my triumphant woman speech, I need someone to assemble furniture) and your engineer took some photos. Personally I did not know sofas needed engineers? I think it was a bit over kill if I am honest as anyone with half an eye can see the quality of ‘Camp Tramp’ is below par on the basis that the filling of the cushions is not adequate in quality or quantity. This was over a week ago.

This morning is where the real trouble begins. I called the ‘Customer Service team’ . I must say you’re playing fast and loose with that term. I enquired about the process of my complaint and was told ‘The engineer found no manufacturing fault’. I wasn’t happy obviously and asked what I could do and was told if I wanted to take it further ‘I’ had to get an independent sofa engineer ( form where? The independent sofa engineer shop?) to write a report, which you MAY consider? I asked how else I could escalate this and was told I couldn’t? I asked for a manager and was told there was no point in speaking to one. Although this now rude young man thought he was the final word in Ikea I persisted and got a really nice young man. He wasn’t a manager though, he was a floor walker. He politely explained to me that you have 1. No appeal process 2. No guarantees 3. You don’t have to do anything. I explained to him that I’m astounded that a multi million pound company has no back up plan for when their customers are not satisfied? But it was then that the penny dropped, YOU DONT CARE. I must admit IKEA, I got a little vexed. Not with this lovely young man, I apologised to him profusely and he seemed to empathise. I was vexed with the fact that I spent £1400 on ‘Camp Tramp’ you sent out an engineer who was clearly sent with a pre-determined outcome and I now had to accept from a telephone conversation that this was the end of it, unless I spent time, money and inconvenience and getting an independent report.

I asked again to speak to a manager. Shabaz the ‘Customer Care’ manager, couldn’t be bothered to come to the phone. He was far to important and managing the care of customers I imagine (sarcasm) and outright refused to come to the phone. He told the nice you man to tell me ‘he wont say anything different and to get an engineer report’. I told the nice young man he was very good at his job and should go an work for a company that would support him and that he didn’t have to be ashamed to be attached to.

So IKEA, look at these photos. Do you really want an engineer report to tell you that this is not the quality that you should be dishing out? I’m just so mad to have gone through this. It’s stressful and its unnecessary. You should care, Shabaz should care and here’s a novel thought, you should make decent furniture! I paid the same as I would have from a sofa manufacturers for this and its appalling quality. I am now mighty vexed and here is my list of demands.

  1. I want my money back… all of it
  2. I want you to come and collect ‘Camp Tramp’
  3. I want you to come up with a mighty good way to compensate my inconvenience and stress
  4. I want and response pretty sharpish and another novel thought…an apology
  5. I want a helicopter and my children to be schooled at Eton

The ball is in your court IKEA, sort this out please.

UPDATE: ‘Katie-Lou’ from IKEA’s Twitter account says “Sorry we cant escalate this”. I’m pretty astounded at the blatancy of how poor IKEA are handling this. Their view is that unless I pay an engineer they literally wont speak to me further? I suppose you have to take a tough line when you make appalling quality furniture, this must be a daily occurrence.

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