My name is Naomi – Newly qualified Nurse. Woman. Mother. Star Wars loving, heart on my sleeve kind of girl.

5 years ago I left a healthy corporate career and re-entered education. My journey has taken me to places I could not have imagined.  I have awakened a perspective and vision of CARE that I will take forward into my career.

I would love to share my thoughts with readers on my journey towards humanity.

Upon graduating with a BSc Degree in Adult Nursing a year I accepted a role as a community Nurse. Since then I have moved into the field of Cardiac Surgery, a specialised and challenging field that I am privileged to be part of.

I’ve moved trust and disciplines within a short space of time, the challenges across both fields remain the same as does my focus…my patients.

I, like my patients am more than one dimensional though. I strive to be more than a nurse. In whatever role I play, I strive to connect with those around me. I hope this is evident in my blog.

Thank you for stopping by.


Contact details:

Twitter: @naomiromrig81