Community, Nursing and the power of perspective.

I’m delighted to have recently accepted my first role as a newly qualified nurse, working as a Community Staff Nurse in Leicestershire. I’m even more fortunate to be currently working on my final placement as a student, with the most amazing team of district nurses that I’ve ever met based out in Stetchford. Every day, I…Read more »

Episode 2: Rise of the Jedi Nurses

On May the 4th Last year I was urged by a few colleagues to expand on my idea the Jedi’s are basically Nurses with light sabres  and so my very first blog was born. The idea focusing on the similarities between the spiritual holism and connection to their people, that both Jedi and nurses display, despite…Read more »

Health Creation and happiness

Another one of the many hat’s I wear, is as an active member of the NHS Alliance. We are a movement of people dedicated to focusing on health creation. It’s not a complex theory, as health professionals it encourages us to consider peoples health instead of illnesses and think of innovative solutions to improve quality of…Read more »

When we Nurse the ones we love

Dedicated to all of those juggling the role of carer and health professional. Thank you so much to everyone who read my last blog ‘My Journey to Humanity’ and fed back that they enjoyed it. I was a… Source: When we Nurse the ones we love